What’s about Instagram?

A brief story on how I use Instagram!

There is something special about my instagram usage.

Instagram Logo

Instagram has evolved as a private images collection tool! It creates something just like a printed album, but in a much more digital way. Tha way I use my instagram [referred to as “insta” in all the further conversation] is unique. I don’t post on Instagram to show others! I post on insta to keep my memories intact.

Instagram as a Personal Memory Archive

I use my insta for just a single purpose! To keep a track of what amazing is happeing in my life. If I think about it really deep, I feel that it is necessary for me, to appreciate what good happens in my life (Perhaps because such moments are really less in numbers! :P, Who knows! xD). In the long run, when I have too much work to do, to many failures to handle, just scrolling my instagram profile makes me relive the moments I spent with some amazing people who came in my life.

Today, I realise how big this motivation is! Do something good so that I can add that to my instagram.

Thankyou so much @Instagram (In your fasion!) for creating something like Instagram and helping hopeless souls like me finding hope!

Don’t go to stalk me on my profile. (It’s private! xD)